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Lose Weight to Feel Amazing By: Kim Hynes

Losing weight can be a challenge,

emotionally and physically, but with a health

coach it can be much more manageable.

There are many other important reasons to

get healthy.Nutrition and lifestyle factors can

contribute greatly to weight gain. Weight

gain, in turn, can negatively impact our

bodies. Losing weight makes us feel better on

the outside, but it also helps with root causes

on the inside. Many conditions and

symptoms not only improve with better,

real food nutrition, but some are even

reversible. Working on nutrition, gut health

and lifestyle factors like stress can help with

conditions like:

• Type 2 Diabetes

• Autoimmune Disease

• Fibromyalgia

• Inflammation

• Depression and Anxiety

• Heart Disease

Even a moderate amount of weight loss

can help stabilize blood sugars and reduce

cravings. For those taking steroids and antiinflammatory

prescriptions for inflammation

and joint pain, positive changes in nutrition

often reduce inflammation and many times

reduce medication needs. This also leads to

more movement, more energy and less pain. For

example, losing 1 pound of fat can be a 4 pound

reduction in knee joint stress during each step

taken. Losing 10 pounds could result in reducing

48,000 pounds of pressure per mile walked.

Each person has a different response and

tolerance for certain foods. For some people,

particular foods can flare inflammatory

symptoms, especially in those dealing

with autoimmune disease and chronic

illness. As your health coach, I can help

you identify and eliminate those foods to

reduce inflammation and symptoms. When

we are not well nourished, the resulting

inflammation not only affects our joints, but

also our brains. Because so much serotonin is

produced in the gut, a healthy nutrition plan

can help with mood and energy. Your gut is

often called the “second brain”. When it is

inflamed, we can feel lethargic, depressed and

anxious. Real food nutrition can help reduce

the inflammation that also causes many skin

issues by working from the inside out.

There are so many quick fixes advertised

that are short term, but the most successful

program is through real food and lifestyle

change. With coaching in our 3 and 6

month programs, you have support every

day and help at each level, including

grocery shopping, meal planning, meal

preparation, one on one conversations

about emotional eating, challenges and

celebrations. Clients participate in creating

their own unique plans. Weight loss can

happen with nutritional changes, but is even

more effective when combined with lifestyle

changes. Coaching helps you improve in

areas such as sleep, career, self care, and

relationships to be even more successful in

your weight loss and overall health success.

At LifeSource Group, we can help you

get to the root causes, whether physical or

emotional, and reduce symptoms using a

plan that is designed uniquely for you. There

is no one nutrition plan for each person.

We can start where you are to make small,

incremental changes in nutrition and lifestyle

to have lasting, sustainable results and good

health. Contact us for a free consultation to

talk about the possibilities. One conversation

could change your life.