Kim Hynes, MBA, CIHC, Nutritional Health Coaching and Weight Loss Support



Kim is certified by The Institute for  Integrative Nutrition. As an Integrative Health and Wellness Coach,  Kim helps people of all ages lose weight sustainably, prevent disease,  reduce symptoms of existing conditions and overall improve their lives.   She recognizes there is no one nutrition plan for every person and will  work with clients to make gradual, lifelong changes to reach their  goals. Kim uses real food and a holistic approach to nutrition and helps  clients look at every aspect of their lives to feel their best.

Kim is a positive Nutritional and weight loss coach in St. Augustine.

Kim offers one on one coaching, group  coaching and workshops to help transform her clients’ bodies and lives.   There is a long term solution in a world filled with diets and plans  that are a quick fix.  She works with each client as a whole person and  creates a unique plan with each individual.  Kim believes eating habits  are not just physical, but also emotional and are connected to other  lifestyle factors.  Clients are asked to be an active part of their  nutrition plan and goal setting.

Kim guides people in their personalized health journey to:

  • Improve eating habits
  • Understand and curb cravings
  • Understand your individual body and how the food you eat affects it
  • Feel confident serving your family healthy food
  • Make self-care and stress relief a priority
  • Learn to set and accomplish goals made just for you
  • Explore new foods and how to shop for them and prepare them
  • Feel better in your body, reduce inflammation and increase your energy
  • Learn how food affects your hormones, mood and sleep

Kim is a former high school teacher  and coach and has a B.S. in Business and Marketing and an M.B.A.  She is  a mom to four children and understands the need for families have and  teach healthy habits at home.  Kim uses all of her experience to help  clients achieve their goals.

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